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Looking for a complete line of candle making supplies? You came to the right place. We have all the equipment to make high quality beeswax candles. Our handcrafted candle moulds are made of high quality silicon compound with exeptional tear strengh.  The moulds are very durable and give you many years of usage.
beeswax comes only from our trusted Canadian sources. It is rendered to the highest purity standards and garanties you well and long burning candles.
And for the beginners there is a Candle Making
Booklet. Most candles are also available as a complete candle making kit .

                 Candle making workshops

  date not set - please email to inquire
Fee:  $70.00
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Busy Bee Candle Supply
Beeswax candle making supplies for the hobbyist and professional
Busy Bee Candle Supply
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Tel: 613-275-1112
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