Busy Bee Candle Supply - Beeswax Candle Making Instruction Booklet
A Guide To Beeswax Candle Making

A Guide To Beeswax Candle Making

An in depth detailed resource for the serious beeswax chandler. Includes wax
handling techniques, mould making techniques, candle making techniques,
equipment and shop set up.
$39.95 CAD.

Answers to those nagging questions:

- why don't my tealights burn properly?

- why do my tapers drip?

- why do I get a glowing ash on the tip of the wick?

- why does the wick go off centered halfway down the candle?

- how do I get rid of the bubbles in my candles?

- why is the flame so small?

- why does the flame in my votives waver back and forth?

- why is my wax brown?

These and a lot more!

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